Invoicing and

Sales and purchase invoices, credit notes, collection and bad debt management, import bank statements and automatic reconciliations. General and analytical accounting, budgets, cash flow, chart of accounts management, balance sheet and income statement, vat settlements, fixed assets, depreciation schedules and more!

Accounting tools dashboard

Invoicing and Accounting Tools


All the tools you need to manage active and passive billing, credit notes, collections and payments, banking operations, and cash flow forecasting.


A hierarchical, customizable and detailed Chart of Accounts to manage your company’s general ledger, accounting entries and financial reports.

Invoicing Management

All the tools you need to manage active and passive billing, collections, payments, due dates, and cash forecasts.

Invoices and Credit Notes

Issue electronic invoices and send them directly to SDI or import purchase invoices or compare them with purchase orders. And automatically create credit notes.

Collections and Payments

Record payment transactions directly from active or passive invoices via bank or cash. Track payment and collection due dates and close completed transactions.

Bank Statements

Import bank statements in csv, xls or xlsx formats. Associate a partner to each transaction and track real time balances or generate accounting entries and payments directly from the statement.


Using account statements, payments (or collections) can be automatically reconciled. Reusable templates also make it possible to create complex accounting entries for recurring transactions.

Billing report

Accounting Management

From Chart of Accounts to Financial Statements, Zelo has all the tools you need to manage your company’s accounting.

Journal items and entries

Zelo is able to generate most accounting entries completely independently: sales, purchases, depreciation, reconciliations, and so on. This, of course, does not mean that Entries cannot be made manually. Each Record can be reconciled, reversed or cancelled as needed by the advisors. Zelo uses several types of Journals by default, dedicated specifically to sales transactions, purchase transactions, banking transactions, and more. Your cloud accounting will also be accessible to your accountant!

Fixed assets

Configure Fixed Assets type, the calculation of Depreciation method and the accounts on which to record entries. Zelo will prepare draft entries for you: all you have to do is confirm them when they are due.

Budget Management

In Zelo, each Project represents an Analytical Accounting Account or a Work Order. For each Project it is possible to define a Budget, analyze performance in real time (adherence to or deviation from the Budget) and then take corrective actions before it is too late.

Accounts Reconciliations

Zelo assists you in Accounting Management by offering Account Reconciliations based on the Protocol of Records, Partner, Date and Amounts. Spend your time on more important and urgent things!

Adjustment and Compensation Entries

Let Zelo help you record Tax Adjustment entries: define the amount, journal, Chart of Accounts accounts, and type of offset. The entry is recorded by the system!

Withholding Taxes

With Zelo you can configure different Types of Withholdings and Reversals. Define a Tax Position for your Supplier (Ex: Freelancer with Withholding Tax at 20% and INPS Reversal at 4%): the system will automatically calculate the withholdings, propose the payment on its due date and generate the accounting entry.

VAT Registers and Settlements

Define the Accounts that contribute to the generation of the VAT Register and select the taxes and periods related to the VAT Settlements: Zelo will take care of updating the Registers and Settlements in real time. It will keep track of Debits or Credits and reconcile F24 payments.

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Chart of Accounts

Edit and manage your Customized Chart of Accounts

Zelo uses by default a simple and straightforward Chart of Accounts. However, you can independently and hierarchically manage the entire Chart of Accounts by creating accounts and subaccounts and defining their type and advanced features. You can also create any additional Journal at will and customize the numbering of documents.

Chart of Accounts

Accounting Tools

Hierarchical chart of accounts

Over 700 ready-to-use accounts, with the ability to create new ones and customize the entire structure.

Tax Management

Check and analyze taxes and due dates for the company’s tax periods.

Fiscal Positions

Use tax positions to define how partners are billed and taxed.

Journal Management

Customize accounting management through journals and find the entries you are looking for on the fly.

General Accounting

All the tools dedicated to bookkeeping in your company.

Analytical Accounting

Check the budget of each project in real time using analytical tools.


Define the depreciation methods, the plan, and let Zelo do the writing.

VAT registers

Automatic compilation of the sales and purchase vat register in all its sections.

VAT settlements

Preparation of settlement and detailed statement of compensation.

Income Statement

Customizable Income Statement report and link to the Chart of Accounts

Balance Sheet

Customizable Balance Sheet report and link to Chart of Accounts

Trial balance

Real-time production of the Trial Balance Sheet and interim entries.

General Ledger

Detailed accounting reports that can be filtered in real time (general ledger, journal ledger, etc.).

Partner Ledgers

Partner ledgers linked to master data in address book to manage reminders and alerts.

Journal Control

Real-time check on any orphan entries and journal balances.

Withholding Taxes

Automated management of withholding taxes and their due dates.


Automatic and manual reconciliations of general ledger accounts.


Management of adjustment entries and manual registration of dedicated accounting entries.

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