Project and Work Management Tools

Project Management, Analytical Accounts, Timesheets, Labor Hour Recording and Task Scheduling in your Online Management.

Project Overview

Project and Work Management Tools

Project Management tools Icon

Projects and Jobs

Through the Job Management tool in your Online Management System you can organize work orders, cost accounting, progress accounting, assignment of Tasks to employees, time analysis, and budgeting of activities performed.

Timesheet tools icon


Using Timesheets, each user will be able to indicate the time spent working on a particular Project or Task. You will then be able to monitor progress, check timesheets and invoice on completion. Project management for SMEs integrated into your ERP system

Projects and Jobs

Zelo ERP integrates Project and Job Order Management


Zelo has several Dasboards that allow you to track Projects and Tasks in detail.


For each Task you can define one or more Acyivities to assign to yourself or to other users.


Checks project progress and its cost accounting in real time.

Kanban View

The Kanban View allows you to move Tasks between columns for agile Management of your Projects.


The tab for each Task contains all the essential information for its management.

Project Management

Progress Status

Constantly check progress in Job Management. Planned hours, remaining hours, deviations: a complete system for business management control!

Project trend analysis
Planned Hours and Remaining Hours

In the Task list you can see the amount of hours scheduled for completion and those remaining.

Progress Status

Progress is calculated through the ratio of hours planned to hours worked.

Integration with Timesheet

Any user can enter their Timesheet without necessarily accessing the Task.

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Customer Portal

Activity history


Allow your customers to interact, comment and send messages for each Task or Project in which you wish to engage them.

Activity report for the customer


Share Timesheets of each Task with your customers so they can monitor project progress in real time.

Customer satisfaction


Receive ongoing feedback and customer satisfaction ratings for all activities performed or any project changes.

Timesheets and Project Analytics

Project Management for SME

Task and activity progress

Automatically annotate or record every project activity to generate detailed analytics and accurate and valuable information!


Checks the progress of Projects and Work Orders in real time, with cash flow forecasts and detailed budgets.


For each activity performed, decide whether or not to bill for hours worked and materials used. Budgeted or actual.

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