Human Resource Management Tools

Employee Time and Attendance, Holidays and Leave, Expense Reimbursement, Recruitment Campaigns, Meals and Bars, Car Fleet.

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Human Resource Management

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Dedicated Human Resource Management tools enable you to organize and simplify employee work: schedules, documents, communications, hierarchies, training, responsibilities and assignments.

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An integrated employee attendance system: access to company management, physical entry and exit of personnel using a PIN or badge reading, and geolocation of operations.

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Schedule vacations, manage work permits (paid or unpaid), collect requests, authorize or deny assignments, and integrate with the timesheet system to plan resources availability.

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Allow your employees to create reimbursement claims for expenses incurred. Zelo will help you manage the verification process, approval, payments and accounting records.

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People are the soul of a company. Promote job openings on the Web Site, collect applications, arrange interviews, conduct assessments and create your own repository of professional figures and resumes.

On-farm Meals and Bars

Bar and Lunch

A break for coffee or a sandwich: organizing requests and orders at the Bar can become a problem. Zelo helps you manage orders, payments, and open accounts with your employees.

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Vehicle assignment, revisions, insurance expirations, mileage, coupons, depreciation: everything you need to manage your car fleet.

Employee Management

A Human Resource Management Software integrated into your ERP system.

Human Resource Management

Organizes staff by assigning responsibilities, instructors, hierarchies, personal information, and business cost.


Communicate with all employees simply and directly. Follow the activities and discussions in which each one participates.


Use the Gamification system in Zelo to reward your employees’ productivity, resourcefulness and perseverance.

Attendance Management

Access recording

Record Entry and Exit

By means of Badges or by using a simple Tablet, it is possible to conduct employee attendance tracking. There is no need to purchase dedicated equipment!

Geolocation of the user

Geolocation of Attendance

The user’s geolocation can be associated with the Entry and Exit operation. Zelo is able to take advantage of the Smartphone’s GPS to detect the coordinates of each operation and record its location.

Management of Holidays and Leave

Organizing Holidays and Leave becomes a breeze using Zelo’s integrated tools!

Assigns to each employee the number of paid leaves of absence he or she can enjoy, based on the contract and working hours.

Authorize or Deny Permit

Authorizes or rejects, giving reasons, employees’ requests for vacation or leave.

Receive requests

Receive requests from Employees for authorization for leave and assigned vacation time.

Check the Calendar

Check staff attendance in real time and schedule leave and vacation time using the Calendar view.

Expense Reimbursement Management

A set of integrated tools to record expenditures and submit claims for reimbursement

Reimbursement Requests

Allow your employees to create a Refund Request on the fly. Simply take a photo of the receipt or invoice and send an email from the company address containing the subject line and amount.

Authorizes Refunds

For both invoice advances and mileage reimbursements, receive reimbursement requests. Once authorized and paid, Zelo will record all accounting transactions!

Requests for expense reimbursement

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Emplyees Recruitment

Recruitment campaign

Define the Job Position and start the Recruitment Campaign. Post vacancies on the company website and collect applications directly in Zelo!

Recruitment questionnaire

Split the Recruitment Campaign into several phases. Allow applicants to submit their Curriculum Vitae and respond to evaluation questionnaires or surveys.

Candidate assessment report

Analyze the CVs submitted by applicants and verify the data obtained from candidates’ completion of evaluation questionnaires. Allow Zelo to make a rational and complete ranking.

In House Bar and Meal Management

In House Meals management
Food and Drink

Define the foods and beverages that can be ordered by staff, include detailed information on price, characteristics, allergens, etc.


Allow Employees to create one or more favorite menus. Appoint a manager who will receive staff requests and forward orders to the Bar or Restaurant.


Each employee has an Account in which orders placed will be accounted for. The manager will keep track of the balance and collect any unpaid orders.

Car Fleet Management

Corporate car fleet management
Assign Vehicles to Employees

Log your Car Fleet into the system (brand, model, features, etc.) and assign each vehicle a driver.

Record Kilometers, Costs and Expenses

Yyou can schedule coupons and maintenance, record miles driven and expenses incurred, or enable insurance renewal reminders on each vehicle.

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