Support and Assistance

All the help you need: Functional Support, Technical Assistance, On the Job Mentoring and during the Integration Project.
Technical support

Technical Support and Online Assistance

Find out all the features in our support and assistance services.

Online Ticket

Open your support request online. The system will achive each of your Tickets and you can freely view the response history and the time it took our staff to respond.

Super Easy

Choose the type of request and topic, write the message, insert an attachment if necessary, and click the send button.

Customer Portal

All your data in one place: support requests, quotes, projects, courtesy invoices… The Entersys Customer Portal lets you stay in touch with us. Always.

Email Notifications

You will receive an email notification whenever an operator enters a response or changes the Status of the request.

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Types of Support

Choose the type of Support that suits you.

Technical Support

Get help on how to configure the ERP system or connect it to your Business tools.

Functional Support

Open requests for support on the use of Zelo, all of its tools, or how to combine them.

Integration Assistance

Learn how to integrate the tools with each other and how to get the most for your business.

The Figures Involved

A key step for effective and rapid online support: defining the contact persons.

Here at the Zelo HQ, we believe that companies are made up of people: for this reason, each integration project will have a manager assigned to it from among our team members. Likewise, we ask you to define a business manager with whom you will have a “direct line” to best organize integration activities.

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