Customer and Marketing Management

Customers, Leads and Opportunities Management, Warranties, Helpdesk and Support Service. Planning and sharing of Events and Surveys. Marketing Campaigns organization, Website, Customer Portal, Live Chat and page linking via UTM (Link Tracker).

Opportunity Management

Customers and Marketing Management Tools

CRM Tools Icon


Customers at the Center of Your Business: use the CRM tool to track Leads, manage Partners and organize Marketing Campaigns. Zelo is not just a Customer Management Software!

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Organize and manage Warranties and Warranties extensions for sold products. Link lots and serial numbers to warranty coverage period expiration.

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Receive support requests from customers and organize support teams, priorities, responses, intervention billing and reports to avoid disputes.

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Create and manage promotion of Events. Organize speeches, collect registrations, sell tickets, promote the date and time on your site, and communicate with participants.

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Email Marketing

Prepare the distribution list, plan the mailing, easily and intuitively create your email, track each message, and analyze the results of Mass Mailing Campaigns.

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Getting constant and sincere feedback from customers represents a gold mine of information. Use this tool to receive votes, reviews, advice and ideas.

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Customer Portal

Build your customer portal or website and use SEO tools to promote it: Zelo is a management system with an integrated eCommerce system that allows you to organize and manage online sales!

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Live Chat

Integrate one or more real-time chat channels to answer your site visitors’ questions and curiosities. Offer business support to your customers and help them make the right choice!

UTM Link Tracker Tools Icon

Link your marketing campaigns, mass mailings, surveys and site pages to Budget and Analysis tools to constantly check the return on your investments in advertising and promotions.

Customers Management

Managing relationships and communications with your customers has never been easier. Turn customers into loyal allies!

Opportunities Analysis
Group and Filter

Group and filter data, define measures, export Reports and Tables in XLS and CSV formats.


Analyze data, compute statistics, and improve performance using Pivot and Graph views.


Create and customize your Dashboards to get informations you need, where and when you need them.

Sales Leads and Opportunities

Track relationships with individual customers using Zelo’s CRM tools

Sales Opportunities

Get and rank leads based on Inquiries, Phone Calls and Forms from the Web Site. Convert Leads to Opportunities and prepare Quotes on the fly!


Evaluate the chances of success of each Opportunity, forecast possible revenue, and analyze the results to improve your sales performance.


Define individual tasks or sequences of tasks to be performed for each opportunity and receive Reminders to meet deadlines.

Warranties Management

Verify warranties on sold products and track expiration dates.

Serial Numbers

Make each product unique by using serial number tracking.

Sales Invoices

Automatically link the warranty to the sales invoice or receipt.

Warranty Periods

Define the warranty duration for each product and activate extended warranties.


Track expiration dates and check the warranty status of a sold product in real time.

Helpdesk, Support and Complaints

Offer your customers a support and complaint handling service. Use subscriptions, prepaid tickets or invoice each individual intervention. Customers can access their support area at any time from the dedicated portal.

Ticket Opening

Customers can open tickets and support requests via email or through the dedicated portal. They will also have access to the history of all requests made and their responses.

Support Team

It is possible to define one or more Support Teams, based on the topics, priorities, or support areas configured. For each Team or Employee, it will be possible to monitor the work done and the timelines.

Support Area

It is possible to divide the Support Service into several areas so that real-time sorting of requests can be carried out. Tickets will then be automatically assigned to a person in charge.


Support Requests can be accounted for on a subscription basis, on a prepaid ticket package basis, or billed on an actual basis. Each request involves the completion of a Timesheet.

Ticket Status

It is possible to customize the workflow for each support area. The customer and staff will be able to know in real time the status of the request and the operator to whom the ticket has been assigned.


Allow customers to open and submit any Complaints. Analyze reports, assign a responsible party, take corrective or preventive actions to improve the quality of products and services offered.

Events Organization and Management

Create and manage promotion of Events. Organize speeches, collect registrations, sell tickets, promote the date and time on your site, and communicate with participants.

Location and Facilities

Organize and manage Event Locations, whether online (Webinars, Meetings…) or live. Define locations and facilities capacity, ticket types, minimum attendees, etc.

Speakers, Tracks and Sponsors

Organize the topics, order and duration of talks, speakers, and documentation to be distributed to all participants. Define possible Sponsors and their contribution to the event.

Promotion and Sales

Link and promote events directly from the website built with Zelo. Tracks, event agenda, notes, pre-sales and registration confirmation.

Participants and Information

Get information on Participants or arrange for mass emailing of members to make service announcements or ask questions. Analyze data in real time.

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Mass Mailing and Newsletter

A simple and essential tool for composing, organizing and analyzing your mass mailing campaigns and sending periodic newsletters.

Email Editor

Import the list of recipients or select them from your Leads

Compose your email with a convenient Block Editor

Send email and analyze user interactions in real time

Marketing Campaigns

Dashboard of Marketing tools

Plan Marketing Campaigns

Plan your Marketing Campaigns, Budgets and Media on which to promote your business. And link the Campaigns to Client Management.

Analyze Data and Conversions

Analyze real-time data on leads and conversions achieved. Check the profitability of the advertising investment.

Check the Expected Revenue

Formulates success rates and sales forecasts for individual audience segments, marketing campaigns or media.

Questionnaires and Surveys

Survey management

Build your Survey

Create your own Survey or Questionnaire by choosing from numerous types of questions and ways to fill them out.

Distribute and Share Questions

Invite users or customers to respond to the Survey: they will be directed to a specific page on the Portal.

Analyze Data and Answers

Zelo will offer you a series of Dynamic Reports to check each user’s individual responses and analyze the aggregate data.

Website and Online Shop

Ecommerce Shop

Drag and Drop

Place different blocks on your web page. Images, text, contact forms, image galleries, product comparison, special effects, movies and multimedia contributions…

Dynamic Blocks

Insert dynamic blocks on your web page to display promotions and products, discussion forums, thematic channels, events, presentations or articles from your company blogs.

E-commerce and Online Store

Product Details
Customize your Pages

You can customize the pages of each product so that the customer receives all the necessary information: variants, optional products, availability, etc…

Quotes management
On Line Quotations

Allow your customers to accept quotes online. Each confirmed order will contain a history of all transactions (deliveries, payments, etc.).

Upselling and Cross Selling
Up and Cross Selling

Propose optional products to your customers at different stages of the buying process using Up Selling and Cross Selling strategies.

Online Payments
On Line Payments

Allow your customers to process payment online through numerous providers located around the world. Automate the collection and shipping process.

SEO Management

SEO and Keywords
Description and Preview

Assegna un titolo a ciascuna Pagina, completa la descrizione e verifica l’anteprima dei risultati di ricerca.


Definisci le Parole Chiave utilizzate in ogni Pagina. Zelo creerà i Tag e verificherà la loro posizione nel testo.


Check and, if necessary, confirm the keywords suggested by Zelo based on your chosen keywords.

Live Chat & Support

Live chat

Channels and Operators

Define the different communication channels that customers can access from the Web Site. Assign different operators to each individual channel to provide timely and competent responses.

Session History

For each chat session, Zelo will record the history of messages and interactions that occurred between customer and operator: check staff responses and keep track of them for possible disputes.

Service Evaluation

After each Chat session, allow the customer to give his or her assessment of the quality of the service received, the answers obtained and the courtesy of the operator who assisted him or her.

Links Tracking

Link Tracker

Leverage Zelo’s Link Tracker to analyze visits and visitor traffic or link a website page to Marketing Campaigns, Media and Origins. Get automatic statistics on the success of your promotion and marketing activities.

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