Sales and Purchasing

Purchasing, Sales, Store and POS Management, Quotations and Templates, Quotation Requests, Reviews, Agents and Commissions, Price Lists, Catalogs, Multi-Variance of Products and Kits.

Sales channels

Tools for Business Management

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Managing procurement, purchase orders and supplier lists has never been easier!

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Receive quote requests, prepare quotes, verify order confirmations, record payments and send electronic invoice.

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Shop and POS

An integrated PoS: You will have all the benefits of an ERP, linked to your stores and outlets, in a single cash management software.

Purchasing Management

Managing Procurement, Purchase Orders, Supplier Lists and Tenders has never been easier!


Request a quote from your suppliers, fill out the quote request with product prices, and allow Zelo to prepare purchase orders based on the lowest prices.

Supplier Invoices

Automatically creates the Supplier Invoice from the Purchase Order, based on products ordered or received. Associate the electronic invoice with the Purchase Order or individual lines.

Tenders and Agreements

Manage Purchasing Agreements (commitment to purchase a certain number of products by a certain date) and put different suppliers in competition with each other by sending out Tenders.

Supplier Price Lists

Import different supplier lists and generate dynamic purchase lists. Manage multiple quantities, minimum quantities, multiple supplier codes, product receipt times…

Purchasing tool

Sales Management

Use the Sales Management tools in Zelo to receive quotation requests, prepare and send quotes and reviews, track order confirmations and accept payments online.

Workflow of sales activities

Activities and Communications


Each object in Zelo comes with its own Chatter so users can discuss with colleagues and plan activities.


Communicate directly with colleagues and customers from the Zelo Interface. Each object allows you to send and receive messages.


The Chatter keeps track of the Activities performed or planned for each item, shares them with Followers, and facilitates the management of Sales Channels.


Enter Confidential Notes in each item’s Chatter: they will only be shared with your Company’s Followers and will not be communicated to Customers!

Sales Pricelists

Listings Update

Update and verify Price placement strategies to improve profits and performance.

Rules and Formulas

Utilizza le Regole dei Listini per calcolare i prezzi di vendita e assegnarli a ciascun cliente.

Discounts and Coupons

Encourage the Customer to purchase your Products and Services using Discount and Coupon policies.

Simplicity and Speed

From Quote to Order

Convert Quotes to Orders with one click, or allow the customer to confirm an Order online.

Contract Management

Automatically issue periodic invoices based on time, materials, work progress and open orders.

Customer Portal

Give your customers access to their quotes, orders, invoices, shipping documents, and more!

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Store and Point of Sale Management

An essential and comprehensive online POS interface for managing your Store or Chain of Stores. Integrate tools such as electronic scales or connect a fiscal recorder to issue electronic receipts.

Online and Offline

Even when there is no connection, the POS interface will allow you to continue managing your Store and Sales. As soon as the system comes back online, Zelo will synchronize all data.

Multiple Stores

Management of one or more Stores and Points of Sale: each POS system will have its own interface, its own features, its own users, and its own warehouse from which products will be taken.

Real-time availability

Each POS allows you to know the availability of products in real time, without leaving the interface and without unnecessary time wasted in research. An indispensable tool for POS management.

POS functionality in Zelo ERP

Restaurant Management

Bill Split

At the time of payment, it will be possible to allow each guest to pay their portion of the bill. The system will automatically update the list of items paid and those still remaining to be paid.

Orders Printing

The system will automatically send a printout of the Orders, with all their references, to the areas where they are to be prepared (bar, kitchen…).

Order Notes

It is possible to enter notes and variations manually in the Order: these will be printed directly along with the Orders.

Move to another table

The system allows customers to move to another table without losing details of orders and Orders.

Waiter change

Manage multiple customers and tables at the same time. It is also possible to change the Waiter serving a particular table on the fly.

Bill Print

It is possible to print and reprint the account before Payment, so that customers can split and check.

Floor Map

Create and manage the floor plan and rooms of your restaurant.

Tables Management

Define the shape of the tables and the number of place settings.

Real time infos

Check for occupied tables and available seats in real time.

Connect your POS to other Tools

Fiscal Printer

Zeal can be connected to Epson’s FP-81II RT, FP-90III and FP-90III RT series fiscal printers via Ethernet/XML.

Electronic Receipt

The fiscal printer will automatically send the electronic receipt

Barcode Reader

Through the use of simple labels on customized EAN13 codes, checkout operations can be expedited.

Electronic Scales

Dedicated to all businesses that need to weigh the goods sold, even in Self Service mode.

Cash Management Software

Management of the cash point integrated with Production, Warehouse and Corporate Accounting

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