Tools for Warehouse and Manufacturing Management.

Warehouse Management, Inventory, Lot and Serial Number Tracking, Production, Maintenance and Repair Program

Inventory and movement analysis

Tools for Warehouse and Manufacturing Management.

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Organize multiple locations, configure Dropshipping, track lots and serial numbers and use barcode readers through our warehouse management software.

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Automate processes, organize Work Centers, optimize BOMs, and analyze plant efficiency. Zelo is also a manufacturing software.

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Plan and manage routine and extraordinary maintenance of machinery and equipment. Organize intervention groups, activities and the purchase of spare parts.

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Sell repair services or perform warranty repairs. Assemble, disassemble, combine or replace product parts. Automatically reacquire parts and reorganize BOMs.

Warehouse Management

Your Next Warehouse Management System

Dashboard for warehouse management

Warehouse Dashboard

Analyze all warehouse operations in real time: incoming, outgoing, internal movements, backorders, delayed operations and pending operations.

Barcodes management

Bar Codes

Use existing Barcodes for products (or let Zelo take care of the automatic creation) to manage the loading and unloading of the warehouse.

Warehouse Movements

The full potential of your Warehouse Management Software

Transportation Documents

Manage Transportation Documents and automatically link orders to Warehouse and Inventory Operations in real time.


Track each individual product by managing unique Production Lots or Serial Numbers for each item.


Leverage Automatic Reordering Rules in Zelo to organize Supplies and optimize inventory.


Concatenate warehouse operations to automatically move products between locations. Take advantage of automatic rules for movement!

Warehouse movements

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Manufacturing Management

Zeal is also a Manufacturing Management Software

Production order management
Manufacturing Orders

Organize the Production route and Bills of Materials. Zelo will help you manage your production processes to meet deadlines and delivery times!

OEE index analysis
Efficiency Analysis

Zelo allows you to monitor the efficiency of your production resources in real time through the analysis of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) indicators.

BOM management
Bill of Material

Manage Multi-Level Bills of Materials and Product Kits. Calculate the cost of Products from the BOM and get components from the disassembly of other products.

Maintenance Management

Equipment maintenance

Manage in-house equipment, maintenance teams and users who have access direct access from Zelo.


Receive internal or external requests for preventive or corrective maintenance and assign the work to a specific Team.


Plan preventive maintenance so that equipment retains its best efficiency index.

Repair Management

Sale of repairs
Quotes and Sales

Create Repair Quotes and Invoices and manage them like any other sales order!

Work Orders

Confirm Repair orders and schedule processing using Zelo’s built-in manufacturing tools.

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