In-Line Manual and
Contextual Help

All the informations and support, exactly where and when you need it

Procedures details

Inline Documentation

Index of the guide
User’s Manual

Zelo’s simple and accessible interface often hides a vast amount of tools and functionality. To know all its secrets, within the system you will find an area dedicated specifically to the online manual (actually in Italian language): from here you can access a complete and always up-to-date guide on all the tools, functionalities, use cases and news regarding your ERP system.

Printable File

In addition to the online manual, you will have an updated pdf file available at any time to save, print, read with Acrobat Reader, or transfer to an eBook reader.

A detailed table of contents and analytical index will enable you to quickly find and reference the information you are looking for.

Guide's cover
Contextual instruction
Contextual Guidance

In each Zelo’s business area you will be offered the section of the guide related to the specific functions for open tools. You will not have to threshold and search through the 1000+ pages of the manual.

Search Topics

Also from within the ERP system, you can perform a quick keyword search, browse the online manual, scroll through the topics in their logical order, or consult the analytical index.

Analytical index of the guide

News and Tutorials

Newsletters, videos and dedicated tutorials

Dedicated Newsletter

Each update is communicated in advance, including changes and new tools.

Insights and Examples

Articles and insights on tools and how to deal with specific situations are published periodically.

Tutorials and Case Studies

As new tools are added, customers receive tutorials, instructions, and meaningful use cases.

Video Lessons and Infographics

The most challenging and complex topics will be covered through short video lessons, diagrams or infographics to which clients will have dedicated access.

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