Training and Mentoring

Learn how to use all Zelo’s tools. Learn about our Training Courses and services on the Job.

Corporate Training

The Corporate Education service offers a series of in-person courses to learn Zelo basics and configure the system according to your needs

Products and Services

Whether your business is a Manufacturing or Service company, learn how to manage products, bills of materials, and projects with Zelo.

Human Resources

If companies are made up of people, their management is the key to success! Learn how to make the most out of Zelo’s tools.

Purchasing and Sales

Your business will often find itself purchasing products and services. In this course you will learn how to manage them in the most effective and fastest way!


In this course we address an overview of all the possibilities offered by Zelo in managing your company’s administration and accounting.

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Training Needs

The Integration Project and the Personalized Training Plan

Integration Project

The Integration Project includes a report within which a training path elaborated on the basis of your company’s needs is already defined.

Formative Methodology

Again based on the training needs, the best mode of intervention will be proposed for each session (Classroom, Videoconference, Job shadowing…).

Need Analysis

Training is based on a careful analysis of the training needs of individual employees so as to minimize costs and optimize interventions.

Skills Assessment

A test will be offered at the end of each session to assess the degree of skills acquired, so as to check the success of the intervention and identify any problems.

The Methodologies

A blended training system that integrates Smart methodologies

Frontal Training

This is the classic Classroom Training.

Our lecturers speak directly at the company (or even better, if possible, in a classroom outside the company so as to prevent continuous interruptions and distractions) to address the topics defined in the course syllabus.

Courses include full-day sessions with several breaks throughout the morning and afternoon.


This methodology is normally used to train or support individual employees in the use of specific, well-defined tools.

Sessions normally have a maximum duration of two hours, as it is generally difficult to sustain a level of concentration that allows for longer times. This mode is usually used for employees who have already taken some face-to-face classes.


Mentoring represents the most advanced training methodology. It involves the presence of one of our trainers who will work alongside company employees for one or more days in carrying out their normal daily activities. This mode of training requires users to already be familiar with the use of Zelo’s basic tools and is normally used in more complex integration projects or those with customized processes.

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