Integration Project

Integrating an ERP or CRM system into your company is a crucial choice. Do you have all the information you need to make your decisions?

Integration support service

The Working Method

A rational and structured approach to your company’s problems

Formalization of Processes

We first proceed to survey, study and formalize work processes in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Cost and Benefit Ratio

We verify that the hypothesized solutions offer a real and tangible cost-benefit benefit.

Needs Analysis

We analyze the problems that most plague business processes and try to imagine possible solutions.

Activity Planning

We plan the integration of the processed solution, defining KPIs and how to take any corrective actions.

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Economic Approach

Project Constraints

One of the most difficult things to define, in planning, is the economic approach to be used in managing the Project. The Budget is only one (albeit extremely important and binding) part of the problem.

Equally important are, for example, prioritization, integration arrangements, timelines and the development of indicators that allow rational assessment of the degree of project success.

Unforeseen Events Management

Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail

Underlying every Integration Project is careful planning. We must at this point ask ourselves a question that is as simple as it is fundamental: How can we determine whether the Integration Project has been successful?

Integrating an ERP system does not mean simply “installing the application” and making it usable, but rather making the system become part of daily operations.

Project Duration.

Contrary to what one might think, the integration of an ERP system initially involves an increase in complexity in work management. Just think of the need to develop new procedures (and then adopt them) without crippling the company.

The duration of the Project should therefore be evaluated on the basis of the time it takes to integrate the ERP system into the daily life of the company, and not simply on installation and configuration time.

Important Questions

Here are some important questions you should ask yourself before embarking on a path leading to ERP system integration. The answers to these questions constitute, in our opinion, the most important information, which should “guide” the entire course of the Project. You will find other useful advice in the Insights section of our Site!

What are my REAL problems?

Define exactly what problem(s) you want to solve. Try to figure out which ones are the most important!

What are my Priorities?

Sort the problems to be solved according to a priority scale, starting with the most important and stringent.

What are the Obstacles?

Try to understand what factors may hinder or slow down the integration process in one way or another.

What is my Budget?

A realistic Budget allows you to evaluate your initial investment and allocate expenses where it matters most.

How much time do I need?

Try to estimate the duration of the integrazine project and figure out how long it will take to get a return on investment.

What happens next ?

Try to imagine your company at the end of the project. How has it changed? What might the new needs be?

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