Home Working

Integrated services and tools dedicated to Home, Remote and Mobile Working
Home working

Zeal and Remote Working

Zeal is, by its very nature, a platform dedicated to Remote, Home and Mobile Working.


The communications system in Zelo represents the first integrated and dedicated tool for Remote Working: automatic notifications, corporate social network, messages and discussion channels.


Zelo is accessible wherever you are. A laptop PC, Tablet or Smartphone will allow you to control and manage every aspect of your business. Even with slow connections!


Information and Document Sharing forms the heart of any ERP system. Zelo allows you to automate sharing processes and decide who will have access to resources.

Real Time

All information, analysis, data, operations and research are updated in real time. Because time is money, especially when decisions cannot wait!

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Optional Services


Jitsi is a collection of free and open source cross-platform instant messaging and video conferencing applications. With Jitsi you can organize multiple conferences with multiple participants, share your screen, documents, navigation and much, much more!

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File Hosting

NextCloud is one of the most comprehensive suites of applications for creating and using file hosting services. It also integrates several features for managing contacts, calendars, media, information, bookmarks, document viewing, and news feeds.

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Development and Customization

Also remember that your ERP system was created so that it can be modified and customized: you can decide at any time to request the development of a dedicated module. With this optional service, through a brief analysis process, we will try to estimate the cost and help you understand if it is really worth it.

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