Productivity and Working Tools

Calendar, Address Book, Communications, Tasks, Notes, Post-It notes, Shared Documents, Advanced Searches and Filters, Custom Dashboards. All the tools you need to speed up productivity!

Appointment management

Productivity and Working Tools

Calendar Tool Icon


Schedule appointments and events in Calendar, plan meetings, share documents, invite participants and collect confirmations. An essential tool for managing your activities!

Address Book Tool Icon

Phone Book

All your contacts just a click away: customers, suppliers, agents, people, companies, additional addresses, statistics, tax positions, commissions, reserved lists, discounts and much, much more!

Communication Tools Icon


Participate in internal discussion channels within your company and communicate with colleagues. Receive notifications regarding projects and activities you follow to stay up-to-date.

Activity Tools Icon


Schedule phone calls or meetings, schedule new activities, or create a sequence of activities that Zelo will automatically suggest you (make a quote, call a client back…)

Notes Tool Icon


Take advantage of this simple Post-It system to organize notes and memos. Create custom columns in your Kanban view, move notes between different columns and share notes.

Vault tools icon


Securely and encryptedly save your passwords directly in Zelo. Capably manage authorizations to access, read, and modify data.

Knowledge Tools Icon


Create your own internal documentation (production processes, instructions…) and share the know-how by integrating the pages directly into the company’s ERP system.

Quality tools icon


Manage your quality manual and its revisions Organize materials for audits and inspections. Define preventive and corrective actions.

Extended Search Tool Icon

With this advanced tool you can search multiple sections of the ERP system simultaneously, so you can track down the information you need faster!

Dashboard Tool Icon


Create your own Dashboard by saving views and charts: this way you will have the information you most often seek always at your fingertips. All in one place!

Calendar Management

Your always-up-to-date Agenda: one of the most valuable online tools

Calendar management tool

Navigating your Company’s activities is easier than ever. Find the information you need with a few simple clicks.


Quickly filter the type of Appointment, the user who set it up or simply the participants in a meeting.


Quickly browse your company’s entire calendar by moving between Day, Week, Month or List views.

One Calendar is not enough!

Each type of object in Zelo has its own Calendar.


Quotes, orders, invoices:all documents have their own dedicated Calendar in which to store timelines and deadlines.

Project Tasks

Collect Tasks in the Project Calendar for better work planning and to meet deadlines!


Report and bill for hours worked on Tasks using Timesheet Calendar and dedicated tools!


Schedule Manufacturing Orders or organizes resources and process orders using a dedicated Calendar.

Shared calendar

Shared Meetings and Calendars


Choose how others will see your status in the calendar


Invite other users as participants in the meeting.


Zelo will send out invitations and tracking responses!

Address Book and Contacts

Contact book
One Registry

With Zelo all your contacts can be customers, suppliers, agents, partners or sponsors at the same time. Enter the VAT number and Zelo will retrieve all the data from VIES.

Data at your fingertips

For each contact you have direct access to the information that matters: turnover, sales, purchases, price lists, discounts, support requests, contracts, appointments, complaints…

International customers

Prepare forms and templates for correspondence or Email in multiple languages. Define the language of each contact and Zelo will take care of sending the correct versions.

Communications and Notifications

Channels and Discussions

Allow your employees to create private and public Discussion Channels to communicate with each other, exchange ideas and share documents.

Social Network

Through an enterprise Social Network system, you can define Users to be updated in real time on each individual item.


Keep a history of communications between you and your contacts. Search and retrieve attached documents or old messages.


You have a simple Chat Channel, wherever you are in Zelo, to send and receive messages, attach documents and share notes.


Take advantage of Zelo’s built-in Notifications system to receive emails, updates, news and communicate directly with your external contacts.

Notifications and chat

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Activities Management

Activity Planning Software

Todo List

Customize the type of Activity and create sequences of Things to Do so that Zelo automatically suggests the next activity.


Track deadlines and receive personalized reminders. Zelo is your personal assistant!

Notes and Post-It

Post It
Your Notes

Record and share Notes and Memos with colleagues and collaborators.

Kanban View

Customize the Kanban view by creating or editing columns!


Associate one or more Activities with each Note or check it as Completed.

Documents and Knowledge


Create pages dedicated to Instructions and Know How or insert attachments and documents.


Choose which colleagues or collaborators to share company documents and knowledge with.


Archive and indexe all documents, attachments, instructions, and corporate know-how.


Creates document revisions or updates and keep track of any changes made.

Extended Search

Performs, in a single operation, advanced searches among all Zelo’s objects

Search tool
Advanced Search

Perform advanced searches among multiple objects (quotes, orders, invoices, projects…) with a single operation. Zelo will propose you all the results!

Simple and Complete Results

Advanced search results will be grouped by object type, name, and date. You can then apply additional filters.

Saved Searches

Zelo will save the searches and their results for you until you decide to delete them. This will save you valuable time.

Corrective actions

Quality Management

A simple and intuitive tool for managing quality in the company. Define the types of actions, their status and properties. Organize the manual, inspection visits and nonconformities. Describe the procedures, risks and work instructions for each process, integrating quality into business management tools.

Confidential data

Encrypted Wallet

Using an encrypted, restricted area within your ERP system allows you to share sensitive information extensively with different members of your team. Passwords, dedicated access, private data… Each user can be allowed exclusive, controlled access to only the information they need.

Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboard
Custom Dashboards

Create and organize your Dashboards so that you have a clear and complete picture of real-time data and performance.

Layouts and Charts

Customize the layout, arrangement and display of data and charts. Apply and save custom filters and groupings.

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