Managing your
Online Server

Let our team take care of the technical aspects while you grow your business!

Private Cloud


Zelo’s default offer includes rental of a dedicated ERP system machine and online server management, including all technical aspects!

Monitoring and Management

Maintaining an online Server requires professional monitoring and management of numerous activities, including, for example, infrastructure maintenance, organizing upgrades, security, backups, service deployment, and resource optimization.

Not just a Cloud Service

Zelo is NOT just a cloud service. Services, data, and resources remain property of the customer and are not shared. This is to allow control over the system and ensure that the service is adaptable to the customer’s needs as they grow and expand along with their business.


Sigmund Freud

Father of psychoanalytic theory

“Most people don’t really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and many people are afraid of responsibility.”

Free Software

Why we chose the Free Software formula

Freedom and Responsibility

For ourselves and our customers, we have chosen the Freedom to Choose. Because we are not afraid of Responsibilities. No lock-in of data or applications.

Customizability of the System

The exclusive use of open source tools and thus the ability to modify the code ensure maximum customizability of the system.

Continuity of Services

The availability of source code and exclusive use of open technologies offers customers the assurance of unprecedented service continuity!

Resource Allocation

The absence of licensing costs allows the budget to be reallocated to other important aspects, such as design, training, support and customization.

Sustainability and Scalability

Nessun ostacolo alla crescita della tua azienda!

No limit on the number of users

When we first thought of Zelo, we envisioned a simple but comprehensive service package that would not hinder business growth with unwarranted limitations. That is why there is no limit to the number of users your company can enable in ERP.

No limit on functionalities

Our customers have the full functionality of Zelo at their disposal. Predictably, as the company grows, the need to use new tools arises, but we want our customers to feel free to choose how and in what direction they develop their business. At no additional cost.

Servers Scalability

The growth of a company involves the adjustment of servers and infrastructure. Our services include the ability to scale server features in a way that does not compromise the performance or security of the solutions. Our Team will also take care of the upgrade.

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Server Management

Here are the main activities, dedicated to the management of online servers and their maintenance, that our team performs on a daily basis.


Updates to dedicated security tools.


Periodic maintenance and updating of the operating system.


Periodic maintenance including preventive maintenance of hardware (e.g., disks)


Daily creation of multiple, local and remote backups.


Periodic checking of the integrity and operation of backups.


Planned and/or urgent service updates.


Real-time monitoring of server status and services.

Monitoring the trend of resource use to operate upgrades.


Periodic optimization of OS and services for maximum performance.

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